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The Environment Sector includes the activities relating to the entire waste management cycle. The activities include:

  • Collection and street sweeping: cleaning streets and collecting refuse for transport to its final destination;

  • Treatment: an activity that is carried out in dedicated centres to recover or transform the waste in order to make it suitable for recycling, waste-to-energy and energy recovery or disposal in a landfill;

  • Disposal: this involves the final disposal of urban and special wastes in combustion plants or landfills, where possible recovering energy through waste-to-energy or exploitation of biogas.

2011 Results

The gross operating margin of the Environment business, up by 25 million euros, benefited from the positive result of the waste to energy plants and the improved margin of the sales of electricity produced by them.

The investments during the period, equal to 35 million euros, relate principally to collection vehicles and containers (16 million euros) and maintenance and development on waste to energy plants (8 million euros) and on treatment plants and landfills (8 million euros).

(million euros) 2011 2010
Revenues 823 790
EBITDA 287 262
Depreciation, Amortization and Writedowns -108 -110
EBIT 179 152
CAPEX 35 58
Tangible assets 477 525
Intangible assets 37 39
Waste disposed of (Kton) 2,626 2,763
Sale of electricity from waste-to-energy and biogas plants (GWh) 1,209 1,179