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Other Services and Corporate

The activities include:

  • Corporate: supervision, coordination and control activities, such as business development, strategic direction, planning and control, financial management and the coordination of the Group’s activities; central services to support the business and operating activities (e.g. administrative and accounting services, legal services, procurement, personnel management, information technology, telecommunications etc.) provided by the Parent Company under specific intercompany service contracts.

  • Other services: activities relating to video surveillance, data transmission, telephony and internet access services.

The investments during the period amounted to 28 million euros and mainly concerned works on IT systems (24 million euros).

(million euros) 2011 2010
EBITDA -25 -28
     - of which EPCG 1 2
Depreciation, Amortization and Writedowns -30 -39
EBIT -55 -67
CAPEX 28 24
Tangible assets 220 222
Intangible assets 79 72
   - of which EPCG total assets 16 13